About Us

About Untold Homes

Untold Homes is a creative organisation which makes Home &  lifestyle Utility products. Our main forte lies in making products that are a style statement, strong enough to get  noticed & appreciated by people. Our creative team travels around the world to observe global best practices in home and lifestyle utility which is easily noticeable in the flawless execution of product craftsmanship. Our strength lies in our designs, which are International, clean and sophisticated.

Why Untold Homes

Our avant garde products are best solution for your thirst to fill the home spaces with something beautiful, meaningful and impactful. Our products will surprise you !

Who We Are

A bunch of creative and resolute people who want to add value to your lifestyle through power of endless imagination.

What We Make 

We make Home & Lifestyle Utility products which are one of a kind and also serve functionality. Each of our product is a statement. Each product is an idea, a concept, an emotion with what we do it.